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Hannah's Visions Turned Realities & More!

As we continue to grow our business, the more we work with bride's that have beautiful visions; visions that they entrust to us! And this vision was one of pure simplicity, but nothing short of beautiful as it came together. The process is not always easy. Blood and sweat were a definite reality as we created 8 bouquets, 10 corsages, 13 boutineers, and 16 centerpieces to generate Hannah's vision into something that was even more than she originally had hoped for!

The day began early, as we had to be in Santa Clarita at 9:00 AM to set up for the reception. We, and by "we", I mean Terha and I AND our husbands (who were an unbelievable blessing and help to us!), left our house at 6:15 AM. For some reason, I thought the best way to wake up would be to drop my hydroflask on my lap during the car ride.

Soaking wet and not having ANYTHING to change into, Terha's husband Chris so graciously let me wear a sweatshirt he had on hand.

We arrived right on time and with only two hours to assemble and set up centerpieces, we went straight to work!

Each of Hannah's centerpieces consisted of one hydrangea bunch, 4-5 blush roses, baby's breath, and willowed eucalyptus. With the last minute switch from round tables to rectangle tables, we decided to spread silver dollar eucalyptus down the center of the tables to add some color and texture.

We have quite a few pictures in the gallery below, thanks to BOTH of our wonderful husbands! :) (click on image to enlarge)

Entry tables always call for small accents of floral, so why not fill some leftover mason jars with white roses, eucalyptus, and baby's breath?

Saved the best part of the reception for last! Can we just pause and take a moment to swoon over this head table that Terha did an incredible job of arranging?!


Once the reception decor was complete, it was time to drop off bouquets, corsages, and boutineers, before heading to the chapel to decorate for the ceremony!

Hannah's bridal bouquet was comprised of white garden roses, blush mini roses, baby's breath, willowed eucalyptus, and silver dollar eucalyptus... or what we like to call the perfect pastel pallet!

The bridesmaids' bouquets accented Hannah's bouquet with only white local roses and baby's breath. Just envision one of the bouquets from the box in the same way Hannah's bouquet is photographed... that way I won't have to admit that we forgot to take a picture of a single bridesmaid's bouquet. Oops!

Hannah wanted to express her appreciation for the women in her family, family-to-be, and those who played a role in her special day by giving them corsages.

And I mean, why take a picture of the boutineer display when you can photograph the handsome groom, his best man, and his groomsmen wearing them?!

We love the elegance that these boutineers added to the overall groomsmen look, ESPECIALLY since they were made fresh, less than an hour prior to the start of the ceremony!


For the ceremony decor, Hannah wanted two large vases on either side of the unity candle as well as bunches of floral pinned to the chairs with tulle to line the aisles.


It was quite an eventful day (and week!) assembling all the different floral elements for Hannah and Casey's special day. When we reflect back on an event as big as this wedding, not only is it all worth it in the end, but we walk away with a greater knowledge and determination to make our client's visions better than they ever expected! We so appreciate Hannah's trust in our abilities and her numerous expressions of gratitude to us.

We hope you enjoyed a small glimpse of the "behind the scenes" action of the new Mr. & Mrs. Withers' wedding day!

Until next time!



PS: For those of you who are wondering how I was able to wear my shirt again after my butterfingers incident... It was so hot in Santa Clarita, that my shirt was able to dry on my car in less than two hours!

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