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All Day Pit Stop In Laguna

Working in the event business, you do not always have free weekends, nor do you ever have three day weekends that you get to spend with your men. So this weekend, it was all business aside and the four of us set out explore Malibu and Santa Monica for the day!

...That is, until a 2 hour trip was going to be a 3.5 hour trip (we would not recommend traveling far to adventure on a holiday weekend). We were coming up on Dana Point and my husband, Rich, suggested a change of plans to relocate our adventures to Laguna Beach for the day.

Gorgeous coastal views, vibrant plants, and photoshoot backdrops are to be expected in a beach town... but what was not expected was the cozy dive bar we found called The Marine Room...

We cozied up by the fire while the men played a round or two of pool. We practically had the place to ourselves as we enjoyed our afternoon.

Always nice to explore outside of our San Diego bubble... and enjoy the beauty of God's creation elsewhere!

Until the next adventure!



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