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Vintage With A Touch Of Glam

Nikki's bridal shower was straight out of a vintage/Hollywood glam Pinterest board! It took place at the lovely Maderas Golf Course Clubhouse in Rancho Bernardo, CA. Her mom, Lora, was so creative with all the decor. She rented several vintage furniture pieces from CC Vintage Rentals, located in San Diego. The planning and coordination of all the details is what made this shower come together so perfectly!

Just to give you a glimpse of Lora's creativity... She actually painted the text on the mirror herself, along with the floral embellishments in the corners. Terha did a fabulous job with the floral spray on top of the frame. Talk about making a statement at the entrance of the shower!

Here is a closer look at the garden roses, standard roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and seeded eucalyptus that were used for the spray.

This small desk served as the mimosa bar. Since space was limited on top, I thought why not just stuff some greenery and spray roses into the drawers to still give it a touch of floral?!

Lora, the mother of the bride, is actually a vintage collector and owns the antique typewriter. The paper on it made us pause for an "aww" moment during set-up.

The centerpieces were a mix & match of vases. Terha assembled these bigger vases which were used as prizes for a few of the games. Lora mentioned that she didn't want to give them both away because she wanted to keep one for herself! :)

Picture perfect roses paired with spray roses and seeded eucalyptus. Classic elegance!

The dessert bar was definitely a highlight as the gold decor could not go unnoticed. We love how the eucalyptus framed the back of the sewing machine and helped contrast the gold.

And yes, the cake pops were edible! :)

Just outside of the room there was a patio where Lora had these couches brought in to create a small lounge area.

Perfect place to enjoy the sunny skies and beautiful view of the golf course!

Absolutely stunning shower for the beautiful bride-to-be!

Terha and I could not stop talking about how glamorous the shower was, how pleased we were with the floral arrangements, and we were wondering what Nikki's reaction was to it all. Nikki actually contacted us the next day and said, "Oh my gosh! My flowers were absolutely stunning yesterday! Those are exactly what I was hoping for at the wedding too! You girls are amazing, thank you so much!"

And that is why we love what we do! :)

Until next time!



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