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Kyle & Jenna | Wedding

Kyle and Jenna's wedding was a dreamy fairytale! Few reasons being:

(1) They got married at Eden Oaks Ranch where our beloved Terha got married just over a year ago... underneath ginormous oak trees on what feels like miles of luscious, green grass.

(2) Floral was EVERYWHERE to be seen! We're talking boxes, mason jars, wine barrels, lanterns, garlands, you name it!

(3) Pictures of this cute couple along with signs of sweet sayings were in every corner of the event space.

It was very obvious Kyle and Jenna were meant to be, and the decor was amazingly crafted to tell their love story. AND, when your favors include the rhyme of "Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After"... *mic drop.*

Best part of fairytale stories...the ending :) ... But first! Pictures!



Amazing venue right?!

I must pause for a moment to speak to a HUGE part of my fairytale--my hubby, who graciously spent his 28th birthday hanging out with Hunter so Terha and I could work without interruption. We celebrated later with a surprise party at a new place in town with his friends. Good times! :)

Jenna's bridal bouquet was nothing short of amazing, with all the different shades of coral, peach, and blush. Hydrangeas made up the majority of her bouquet (and are what give it the perfect round shape), but with the additions of Juliet garden roses, coral roses, blush spray roses, baby's breath, and just a hint of Italian Ruscus... what a dream!

The coral roses may be named "Movie Star"... but I think those

Juliets stole the show!

When we went to deliver the bouquets to the bridal suite, all the girls had their boots lined up in a row... photo op was screaming my name!!!

As for her ladies, Jenna wanted something just a bit smaller and more simple. So we opted for just the coral roses in a single hydrangea with some baby's breath and Italian Ruscus.

For the man of the hour, we used a single coral rose with a touch of white spray roses and Italian Ruscus... polished off with grey ribbon to complement his tie.



The majority of our day-of setup was at the ceremony site. While these two had a staring contest, Terha began setup of the arch while I worked on the wine barrels.

Here is a close up view of the two sprays on either side of the arch. They consisted of white hydrangeas, white and coral roses, blush spray roses, baby's breath, Italian Ruscus and pepper tree. Jenna had a vision that involved garlands with fabric and told us to get creative with the look. Before we show you the entire arch/full ceremony effect... barrel arrangements! Don't look at the arch just yet! Just focus on the wine barrel arrangement that consisted of 20, yes 20 hydrangeas, orange alstromeria, baby's breath, Queen Anne's Lace, Italian Ruscus, and pepper tree as well.

They made quite the pair at the entrance of the aisle.

Mason jars filled with baby's breath and Queen Anne's lace were wired to the seats for an added decor feature. And now the moment you've been waiting for...


Enchanting fairytale right?!

Petals lined the aisle to polish off this whimsical ceremony setup!



Cue more oak trees and more green grass for this reception site! We loved the simplicity of the cocktail tables with the wood slab and mason jar of baby's breath and greens!

Jenna had three different types of centerpieces... Some tables included these adorable white lanterns where floral and greens climbed the inside.

Other tables had three mason jars on a wood slab... one with a hydrangea, one with baby's breath, and one with Queen Anne's lace.

The remainder of the centerpieces were boxes, comprised of white hydrangeas, orange alstromeria, coral roses, baby's breath, and greens.



The best part was receiving this picture from Jenna the next day along with these sweet words: "I am apologizing now for the late text but OMG... our flowers were absolutely perfect!!!! And the arch was absolutely perfect!!!!! Thank u for creating the most beautiful flowers!!!! Absolutely perfect!!!!... XOXOXO I cannot thank u enough!!!!!"

(PS... Shoutout to whoever took this picture! This would be me attempting to give you the credit since it is not a picture I took!)

Seriously, the best part about our jobs! Not only seeing the beautiful couple so happy, but knowing they were pleased with our work as customers. It was such a pleasure to get to know Jenna, work with her, and be a part of the beginning of her happily ever after.

Wishing her and her new hubby all the best in married life!!! :)

Until next time,



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