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Adam & Sarah | Wedding

Adam and Sarah's wedding just radiated fall gorgeousness! There was no better way to transition into our fall weddings than with their vision of burgundy, navy, and ivory, paired with rich dark greens.

Let's rewind back to February 25th when we met with Adam and Sarah at Starbucks. To our surprise, they brought along their French bulldog named Charlie. We got to know each other, exchanged laughs, and discussed flowers, all while this pup sat on a bar stool, so content, taking in all the "awws" and pets of people walking by. It was obvious he was part of the fam, and yes, he was included in the wedding.

More on Charlie later!



Sarah's bouquet included... actually I think the better question is what did we NOT include?! Burgundy dahlias, ivory garden roses, ivory standard roses, white and burgundy ranunculus, blush spray roses, blue thistle, Italian ruscus, and brake fern were all used to create this showstopper.

Sarah opted to use a flower crown instead of a veil. The crown consisted of olive branches, Italian ruscus, baby's breath, and a few white spray roses.

Sarah's completed look, with both the bouquet and flower crown... and more importantly, her groom :)

Photo by Selcouth Creative

The bridesmaids' bouquets were similar to Sarah's with less burgundy and no pop of blue. Still just as elegant though, right?!

Aren't the unbloomed dahlias just the cutest?!



The ceremony took place under the giant oak tree at Owl Creek Farms, but Sarah still wanted a traditional arch to mark the altar... and floral was the obvious pairing! Using all the same blooms and greens from the bouquets, along with some Keira blush garden roses, we were able to create quite the sight for sore eyes. :)



Adam and Sarah did DIY centerpieces, but left their sweetheart table to us! We made a small greenery garland of Italian ruscus and brake fern that would serve as a base for the arch spray to sit on after the ceremony.

You have to use your imagination to picture the floral spray there, BUT even without, it still is a table fit for a new Mr. & Mrs. :)


Terha and I get pretty excited on wedding days. The anticipation of delivering the bouquet to the bride, the labor of love that goes into assembling the floral items, to seeing it all come together for someone's wedding, is truly why we love what we do. Adam and Sarah's wedding was no exception, however there was a little extra excitement to arrive at the venue because we knew this little guy would be there!

Charlie served not only the ringbearer (tuxedo and all!), but also as a camera man (dog?)! He wore a Go Pro during the reception to get "Charlie perspective" footage that I'm sure was enjoyable to watch!

Photo by Selcouth Creative

We caught Sarah on her way to see her groom for the first time!... Moments like these make you have to pause and snap a picture. :)

Aren't they just the sweetest little fam?!

Photo by Selcouth Creative

You know it's fall when you climb fences and battles splinters just to pick some pomegranates!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Loera! We are so thrilled to have shared in the memories of their wedding day! Marriage is just the best! :)

Photo by Selcouth Creative

Also, huge shoutout to Selcouth Creative for the sneak peek photos! They're so beautiful that I couldn't help but include them in the blog post. Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of the actual couple! :)

Until next time!



PS... We hope the pictures of Charlie will suffice for the lack of pictures of Hunter ;)

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