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Isaias & Rebecca | Wedding

We met with Isaias and Rebecca on June 9th... for their July 1st wedding. Due to some unforeseen circumstances with another florist, we had the pleasure of being able to plan for their wedding in just three short weeks!

Talk about two people who were so easy going; Isaias and Rebecca made the perfect couple! They are high school sweethearts who met freshman year, and dated for nine, before getting engaged two years ago. One thing we loved about these two is that the whole situation with their floral didn't even phase them. They knew the wedding would go on regardless of what happened with their floral, but we were thrilled at the opportunity to step in and save the day! Might be a little cliche, but with Wonderwoman out right... we're going with it!

Rebecca had a very romantic vision with whites, greens, and hints of blush... And a VERY unique idea for their altar! I'll let the pictures take it from here because...

Another CAFE AU LAIT Bridal Bouquet! :)

(PS... if you missed the last blog post that was plagued with pictures of these bad boys, be sure to check it out!)



When you have an entire bucket full of blush spray roses, you pause for a picture before loading up the car.

Rebecca's bouquet had Cafe Au Lait dahlias, white standard roses, white and blush spray roses, bombastic spray roses, astrantia, seeded eucalyptus, and parvafolia eucalyptus. Placed against natural wood elements; those colors really pop!

Got a little photograph fancy with the ceremony site in the background ;)

Shoutout to Touched By Time Vintage Rentals for always having great

props for us to use in our pictures!

The bridesmaids' bouquets were similar to the bride's, just without Cafe Au Lait dahlias and bombastic spray roses.

I'm pretty sure I say this every time we do boutonnieres... but seriously, these are my favorite so far!

The groom had two bombastic spray roses, paired with wax flower and parvafolia eucalyptus. Romantic right?!

And then the groomsmen had white spray roses with the same fillers... just a tad different than the main man.



We were SO excited to make this inspiration picture of Rebecca's come to life! You can see the finished product in the distance, but first, we want to show you how

it came to be!

Step #1: Hang birch wood stick from oak tree branches... Probably would have taken an hour JUST to do that without the help of Terha's husband Chris.

Step #2: Terha hangs eucalyptus branches from the stick using fishing line... while I watched my angel of a nephew sleep.

I mean... cmon, couldn't you stare at that face all day?!

See? Even Chris thinks so too! ;)

Ok, ok... enough baby pics. Here is the final product! We definitely have to give Chris some credit, because it was his idea to put limonium at the top of the branch to really polish the overall look. Terha and I both sat in the front row of the seats, thinking it was missing something, and Chris walks over, grabs a piece of limonium and puts it at the top of the branch. Terha and I look at each other and laughed because we thought it was a dumb idea, but then we pondered it, and eventually thought Chris might be onto something. So we added the small limonium spray, and loved it!

Even thought we may be the experts... I think part of being an expert in something means you're always open to the ideas of others. Well done Chris! :)



Lanterns and eucalyptus wreaths made up Isaias and Rebecca's centerpieces. Add blush spray roses and limonium for some color and texture annndd you

get an instance romantic feel!



We love when brides request (1) garland for their sweetheart table, and (2) for that garland to drape off the edges of the table. We also love the fullness of the garland that gives the illusion that there really isn't a table there and it is just engulfed in greens and blooms.

Perfect view!


Side note: It was an absolute gorgeous summer day for a wedding!

With the cutest kid in town! :)

We loved every aspect of this wedding and are so blessed that we got to be a part of it!

Until next time!



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