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Shawn & Cassie | Wedding

Shawn and Cassie came to us about two months prior to their wedding, with an amazing vision of deep reds, blush, and ivory with all the foliage you could possibly imagine! She really wanted the floral focus to be in the bouquets and then have greenery everywhere else. With a rich color palette to work with, the blooms could have easily gotten pricy, but we used a few alternatives and the results were just as stunning.

Keep reading to see all the details! :)



This color pallette was beyond romantic! The combination of ivory roses, deep burgundy ranunculus, blue thistle, veronicas, and amaranthus came together so perfectly...

... all by this lovely lady. She's a natural!



For the record, photographing our floral at Owl Creek might just be the best thing EVER! Vintage furniture galore!

Cassie's bouquet was full of all the foliage! Heart roses and ivory roses were the biggest blooms, followed by the burgundy ranunculus. Blue thistle, pink astilbe, white veronicas, red amaranthus, paired with seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus added so much texture to her bouquet.

What the picture doesn't show is that her bouquet actually had a slight cascading affect with the amaranthus and eucalyptus.

Bridesmaids' bouquets were smaller in size and similar in look, but were actually made with different flowers.

Their bouquets included burgundy carnations, ivory roses, blush spray roses, and red amaranthus, along with seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus.

The groom's boutonniere included a deep burgundy ranuncula, viburnum berries, a white veronica, and fern as the greenery. Just picture it on the lapel of a navy tuxedo!

The other boutonnieres all looked the same, just without the veronica.



Shawn and Cassie got married underneath a giant oak tree... Terha and I like to call it the Avatar tree. It makes for such a fairytale feel and is beyond romantic.

The sign to the entrance of the wedding with just a touch of olive leaves,

flowers, and foliage.

To line the aisle we bunched together olive branches and tied them to every third chair.

The sunlight just breaking through the branches right on the olive bunch attached to the chair... just stunning!



One can never go wrong with farm tables and garland! Terha and I thought that the simplicity of just the greenery was perfect for Cassie's table settings. In our personal opinion, adding any sort of flower and/or color would have been distracting.

Simplicity is key! :)



Such an adorable set up! The garland on this table is slightly different than the centerpieces as it was made with silver dollar and olive leaves (instead of the seeded eucalyptus). We added some color to really make those letters pop! And how cute is that love seat from Touched By Time?!

Such a beautiful day, beautiful couple, and beautiful location for a wedding. We hope Shawn and Cassie's day was as magical as they hoped it would be!

Until next time!



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